Trust me, the hype around 3D Pens is not about to stop. Why? The fact that you can create whatever 3D object that comes into your mind – be it oblong or of regular shape. 

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What can you do with a 3D pen?

I would easily tell you that you can make thousands of objects with your 3D pen. But that makes you feel even more lost. Let me narrow things down to 10 cool ideas you can embark on right away.

  1. Personalized travel tags – You definitely need to distinguish your travel bag from others for security purposes or simply for the need to keep track of it without undue struggles.  Consider making one with a 3D pen. The FLEXY filament will be perfect for this job
  2. Burj Khalifa – Perhaps you recognize this as the most iconic building in the world. Why not model it in 3D and place it in your living room to keep the dream of visiting Dubai alive?
  3. Draughts – In case you are a diehard fan of draughts, consider creating the dark and light pieces for the game using 3D pens. To make things even more exciting, build the entire game board using a 3D pen. 
  4. Makeup – If you thought drawing eyebrows is the height of makeup, wait till you see ladies with 3D art on their faces, hair, neck and torso. Try one on yourself, whatever color you desire.
  5. Bottle holder – If you don’t own a bicycle, at least you must know a friend with one. Surprise them with a custom made bottle holder for their bicycles.
  6. Art gallery – While Leonardo da Vinci and the likes of Michelangelo used ink, it is time you create art pieces using 3D pens. Start the journey by recreating iconic pieces. Soon and very soon your work may be featured in a hall of fame.
  7. Designer table – Stretch your skills further and create a fully functional table using your 3D Pen – from the legs to the top. Just note you will need several rolls of filament.
  8. Teaching aids – An octopus drawn in ink isn’t as interesting as one drawn in 3D. Think of the hundreds of drawings in classroom textbooks and attempt recreating the same in 3D.
  9. Repair basic household items – You accidentally broke the handle of your thermos flask. Don’t throw it away. Fix the broken handle using a 3D pen
  10. A tripod stand, for video shooting with your smartphone – We all get to those moments when we badly need to shoot a quick TikTok video and there is no one around to help. You now know what to do.  

How do beginners use 3D pens?

The above list is far from complete. Some of the projects like Burj Khalifa and the designer table may require some higher degree of expertise, Otherwise, items such as travel tags and bottle holders are ideal for beginners. 

If you are one of them, start with simple objects that won’t excessively drain your energy. Consider drawing on paper or designing around molds rather than doing it free-style.

How do you make a 3D Pen smoother?

To make your 3D pen smoother, adjust the temperature button to the level you are comfortable with. Ideally, the molten plastic should flow out smoothly, but not overly fluid. This can mess up your 3D creation.

How long does it take for a 3D pen to heat up?

Most 3D pens take between 30 seconds and 1 minute to warm up. To me, that’s a nearly negligible waiting time – isn’t it?