WHAT TO BUILD UP A COMPLETE LONGBOARD – Some things you need to know

Longboard deck

The longboard deck is the main part and occupies the largest area of a longboard. It is typically made from Polywood with many layers (usually from two to eleven) and around nine to twelve millimeters in thickness. With different intended uses, the manufacturer will choose the most suitable materials, which can bring you intense pleasure.
Do you like a longboard with an uncomfortable feeling when standing?
The most important thing is the board feels, the better feel under your feet, the more time you skate and you will have more fun, especially when playing sports or relaxing on deserted roads during lockdown time.
Longboard decks have many shapes and sizes, fitting to many users’ demands. Manufacturers make decks with appropriate concave depth and calculate to withstand a specific force.
You can buy a longboard deck only with/without gripped or have them complete it with the longboard deck you choose. The price for each longboard deck often ranges from $50 to over $250.
Everyone likes something unique!
You can order a graphic design that set-up only for you.

longboard deck


Longboard truck

Longboard trucks are often made from Cast Aluminum and positioned underside of the longboard deck. Each longboard will have two longboard trucks.
Not only one, but a longboard truck has numerous components, such as axle, hanger, kingpin, and bushings. You can buy these parts separately to assemble or replace the longboard.
However, you cannot use the truck for longboards to replace for the skateboard and versa vice because the sizes of both are different. The public price for one longboard truck is from $20 up to $200, and you will need two longboard trucks to build a complete longboard.
There are many options for trucks’ sizes and colors out there for you to choose from.
To accommodate the deck, you should choose the right longboard truck size. Longboard truck hangers mostly are 150mm or 180mm. Depending on the deck size, it usually needs a truck with 180mm hanger width for the 9’’ or broader deck, or with the narrower one, a longboard truck with 150mm hanger width is ideal.

Longboard wheel

longboard wheels
The only part allows you to move on a longboard and help determine the speed you can go. Polyurethane is an excellent material making longboard wheels.
So colorful wheels you can find in the shop.

Longboard wheels

There is a diversity of sizes and persistence levels to satisfy your longboard style.
Diameter, which is used to estimate the wheel, is measured in millimeters. The slower ride comes from smaller wheels, and the faster one comes from larger wheels. It will be smart to choose a big longboard wheel because your experience will become quickly and smoothly, especially when you speed or turning.
The size of the longboard wheel is from 54mm up to 60mm, but the most common is 65mm and 75mm. Each wheel size is suitable for each different purpose of use, depending on your needs. More importantly, its price is not too expensive.

Longboard bearing

Longboard bearings are mental rounds (typically made with steel or ceramic) inside the wheel and install the longboard wheel to the axle. It makes the wheel go around. Despite different skateboard sizes and longboard sizes, there is only one standard size that fits all kinds of skateboard.
Longboard bearings consist of many parts such as the outer race, the ball retainer, the steel balls, the inner race, the bearing shield.
When you buy one quantity, that is a set of eight, enough for a complete longboard, as each wheel requires two bearings. The price for each quantity begins below $10 to over $100.
Most preferred bearings are evaluated by the ABEC rating. ABEC rating is classified into many grades like 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. Depending on many factors that build up to ABEC rating, its price has a difference. Some are only $10 while others are approximately $130.
Let’s forget the price now! We talk about the color of the longboard bearings a bit. They are very varied in colors. You’d better base on your style to choose the suitable ones.

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