In addition to checking in at luxurious hotels, camping in the forest is also an experience that you should try once in your life.

For the first time, you will be confused about what to bring camping? What is the preparation for overnight camping?

Therefore, today I am going to answer the questions “what to bring when go camping” so that you can refer to and update a lot of useful information.

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Essentials things for a camping trip in the forest

Important gear

The first item you need to prepare for a picnic is the tent. However, for safe and convenient camping, you should choose a tent that is resistant to water and insects (if camping site is in mountain forests or wilderness).

When camping outdoors, especially at night, your body temperature will be lowered, so you need to prepare a waterproof sleeping bag, able to hold heat well. Besides, you should also pay attention to choose the type of sleeping bag material that is hypoallergenic and compact so that it can be carried easily.

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Ropes, sheets, wingking parachutes, pots and pans, mini cookers, forest knives, lighters, flashlights, compasses, etc. are also definitely indispensable items.

Camping mostly uses light from nature, there is no electric light so you need to determine the location of camping quickly and set up the tent when there is enough sunlight/light. Do not set up the tent too late, lacking of light might lead you to many difficulties. In addition, you should find places near the water source to be able to facilitate personal hygiene and living offline.

Bring food for the camping trip

You can rely on the camping time to bring the right amount of food and drink accordingly. Dry foods, canned foods such as sausages, dried food, dried shrimp, dried beef, shrimp noodles, packaged dried vegetables, sweets, cookies, etc. will always be preferred because they can be stored. for a long time. Refrain from bringing too much fresh food, because there is no refrigerator to preserve, if the weather is too hot like summer, the food is easy to smell and spoil.

In addition, water is an indispensable important thing. You should bring water rather than bring fresh water, it will make you more thirsty. Absolutely should not drink water in rivers and streams where you camp without knowing whether the water is safe or not.

Medical supplies

Medical equipment is also one of the essential items to prepare for camping. By camping, food poisoning falls, bumps, illnesses, etc. are unpredictable. Therefore, you need to bring some basic first aid and common medicines such as bandages, urgo, pain relievers, colds and flu, headache, medical cotton, alcohol, insect repellent, medicine mosquito repellent,…

Choose a comfortable outfit

Going camping in the forest takes a lot of effort, so you need to bring simple, spacious and comfortable clothes, so bring a bag with lots of bags. Also, do not forget to bring a jacket outside, in case insects bite as well as trees scratched into the woods. The shirt also helps you not to catch a cold, avoid the forest breeze. You should bring soft canvas shoes, sole to easily move as well as avoid slipperily.

You should choose to buy a backpack with a waistband to specialize in the forest, fixed to the body, avoid swaying and help you move more easily.

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Final words

Above is a list of essentials for camping that I share with you. Hopefully, this article will help you have the most fun and comfortable travel and camping.


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