You like to play darts and practice often but hardly have a chance to win darts? This article will help you.
Like all other sports or games, winning is not simply about luck nor knowing how to play, but regular practice is one of the important bases to help you succeed. Also, refer to the tips of experts that we have summarized below to improve your skills. Having these skills, you will master every game.

1. Knowing the basic rules:

How to win darts

Basic rules are the first factor that even non-professionals should know when participating in any contest or game. The basic things you need to learn are the rules, the way to calculate points, common mistakes, and what to avoid.
In dart throwing, some of the most popular games can be named are 01 (aka 501 or 301); Cricket; Baseball; Killer, … To learn more about the rules of each type, refer to our articles on game 01 or Top 5 most popular games in darts.

2. Scoring:

According to the world’s top darts players, their secret is that when the game happens, you have to score it yourself. This means that you must first understand the basic scoring method depending on each game. Luckily, scoring in darts is not that complicated.
The dartboard has different ranges, the points range from 1 to 20. When you score on the outer ring, points will be counted as double the number on that board ring, the closer it gets to middle rings, the more difficult the game is, but scores will be tripled. Therefore, you should be proficient in each round to score the highest. By knowing this, you will easily plan your strategy by calculating how many points it takes to win and which segment will give you an advantage over your opponents.
Though there will be probabilities when play – possibly due to surroundings, psychology, and circumstances – being prepared to face it will leave you with no regrets whether you win or lose. Cover all your strengths and weaknesses, choose the best path, you will defeat all opponents. Remember the rule of immutability: The one who scores highest will be the champion.
Besides, to calculate the points in advance, are you wondering how to do it? Go over to the next part.


3. Perfect your throw

How to throw darts

For the best pitch in darts, you must stay focus on how to accurately release. This requires 4 elements: stance, posture, grip, and release.
First, you should start to choose an appropriate position. The stance involves accurately positioning the body before making a release. There are three common types of stance: forward stance, lateral stance, and angular stance. The majority of players will use a forward stance to get started, however, we find that this stance is quite difficult to master. This standing position requires taking your dominant foot to be the supporting one, then move forward. The tip of the hind toe will touch the bar and face the dartboard. Such a two-legged posture will help your body comfortably and easily control your pitch.

The second is the party stance. Place your dominant foot forward, near the throw line, the other foot is in the back. Your throw arm and target eye should be in a straight line. Your elbows should stick to your body, this will make your pitch more accurate.

dart stance

Professional players will always choose a corner. This stance is a combination of lateral stance and forward stance. In this position, your shoulders should be perpendicular to the dartboard, in other words, your shoulders and dartboard will create a 90 degrees angle. Hands should be thrown at ease, eyes, and darts facing the board, keep your feet on the ground when throwing. And done, surely you will have a perfect pitch.

For the left-handed, you just need to switch sides, with our guide, you can throw as well as the right-handers.

4. Higher targeting

learn to throw darts

Also, to improve accuracy, you need to take your goals or aiming higher when throwing darts. Regular practice will help you improve this skill, perfecting hand-eye coordination, your accuracy will change quickly.
First, check the different types of throws then decide which one is best for you.
Second, learn how to minimize your movement when playing, as this will help improve accuracy. Your mentality also needs to be steady and relaxed. Practicing the above 2 factors, you will maintain a stable performance when throwing a dart. Victory will be at your fingertips.
Lastly, practice hand-eye coordination, which directly affects aiming and throwing darts. Instead of practicing with darts directly, you can practice this with other sports like basketball or playing with your friends.


This skill will help you a lot in winning tournaments, you will see your goals more clearly and can make better throws. Don’t skip this process, be persistent, it’s really helpful.

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